“Creativity requires the courage to let go of certainties”

Erich Fromm

“Creativity is not simply a property of exceptional people but an exceptional property of all people”

Ron Carter

So, why creatifity?

As a conflation of the words ‘creativity’ and ‘if’ (as in ‘what if?’), creatifity carrys with it an aspirational message about human creativity that is imaginative, emancipatory, and value-positive. This is a message that informs my approach to creativity research and practice - whether as a researcher, educator, artist, author, singer, performer, socio-musicologist or teacher. 

I am currently working on a variety of research projects and publications, including:

Towards Cultural Democracy: Promoting Cultural Capabilities - a Cultural Enquiry report due to be published in April 2017, which builds on the integrated Get Creative research project, commissioned by the BBC, What Next? and Cultural Institute. This introduces ‘cultural capability’ as the substantive freedom to co-create versions of culture.

About Art & Critical Realism a monograph for Routledge that both extends critical realist theory into the domain of art, and applies this philosophy as an ‘underlabourer’ in the context of art and aesthetics.

A Handbook of Creativity at Work (with Lee Martin): co-edited collection of cutting edge scholarship and thinking about creativity research today, for Palgrave Macmillan.

The Ecology of Cultural Learning in Harrow - a research project with A New Direction (AND), looking at where and how children and young people learn about culture (outside of the formal education system).

Please click on the tabs above to find out more.  I hope something here will spark your own creativity; your own ‘authentic’ journey of exploration and learning.  Thank you!

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